Places to go in Amsterdam

Life is full of choices. And if you can choose, you should spend days and vacations traveling. Rewarding yourself and letting yourself loose are great ways to rejuvenate and recapture your energy. A place that offers beautiful scenery, awesome tourist destinations, and amazing experience is Amsterdam.

What to do in Amsterdam?

Pet Store Visit

A way to kick-off your Amsterdam holiday is by visiting the local Amsterdam pet store, particularly, the Fresh Water Stingray Pet Shop. It is a unique store that offers live stingrays to their customers. They mostly cater to businesses and commercial buildings that need these breathtaking creatures to beautify their aquariums.

Boat Rental Amsterdam

Enjoy the luxurious trees and waterways of the city through the Amsterdam Canal tour. You can bring your husband, wife or the whole family as you enjoy the great sights and sounds of Amsterdam. Most of the boats available are electric, so you can ultimately absorb the exquisiteness as you tour the canals of the city.

Amsterdam zoo

For those with kids, the Amsterdam zoo is a treat for all of you. See different species from the depths of the see to the high ranges of the sky. Be sure to take your trusty camera with you so that you can take a snapshot of your favorite animals. Don’t forget that some animals are sensitive to light, so you would have to turn the flash off.

Madame Tussauds Amsterdam

Do you want to get close to your favorite celebrities? You can go to Hollywood and try to spot famous artists. Or go to the next best thing- Madame Tussauds Amsterdam. It is a museum with wax figures of popular artists from music, movie, sports, and TV industry. Save on your memory storage so that you can take pictures of all of the celebrities in this museum.

Cheap Amsterdam hotels

You do not have to spend too much money on your hotels. You can check online for discounts on bookings and reservations. It is best to get rooms during off-peak seasons so that you will get lower rates. You can also call them to check on possible room recommendations to find the best deals during your stay.

Own Aquarium Shop in Armsterdam

If you own an aquarium fish shop in Amsterdam and would like to get more customer visit your storefront. We would recommend starting with your royal customer that already on your list—setting some fish feeding food package as monthly or every three months through newsletter or SMS with additional discount when if buying in advance.

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