Fish Tank Cleaning and Maintenance Hacks

Whether you are on a dinner cruise in Amsterdam or any Amsterdam holiday, you will never miss the different aquariums that adorn tourist spots. They are really eye-catching and soothing. And one thing that you will recognize is that all of them are clean.

What are the tips on keeping the tank clean

It depends on the size of your tank

If you only have a fishbowl of around 1 foot in diameter, then it would not take you a long time to clean your tank. But if you have rectangular-shaped home-style aquariums or the customized ones in restaurants and hotels, you would need a lot of tools and equipment to remove the dirt and grime that settled on the bottom of the tank and that are stuck on its sides.

Check the number of fish in the aquarium

Overcrowded fish may be accelerating the intervals on which you clean your aquarium. Every fish has a specific space that they need in order to live well and without causing any physical stress on them. You should check on your local pet store to know about the area for each fish that you buy.

Install a filter system

Another way to keep your tank clean is by purchasing the right filter system. Again, you should consider the volume of water that you will use for the tank and the number of creatures that you put inside your aquarium. Every filter system has a capacity in order to efficiently clean the water of your tank. Be sure to read the label to ensure that you are using the right tool for the job.

Regularly clean the tank

You could also opt for the weekly cleaning of your tank to prevent the dirt from completely sticking to the glass. You have to understand that the more you increase the length of time to scrape off dirt, the harder it is to remove them.

Use a hydro-siphon vacuum

This is the best partner that you can get to clean your tank. It is a tool that removes water from the tank. It is composed of a vacuum and a wide hose so that you can effectively take out all the waste that may seem difficult to get rid of unless you completely clean the whole tank.

Make Your Fish Tank as Flashy as Las Vegas

Fish tanks are great decorations regardless of the theme of your home. It doesn’t really hurt if you will decorate it a bit more. You can buy some decoration lights and accessories to make it a little more of Las Vegas city lights feel.

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