Related Services

Pet shops are supposed to help you with everything that you need. Fresh Water Stingray promises to do just that. We are expanding our services to make sure that your pets will stay healthy and clean through our other services.

Maintenance of your tanks

Never miss out on aquarium maintenance ever again. Instead of enduring long hours of cleaning your tanks, why not give this difficult job to us instead? We are not called experts and professionals for nothing, right? We know what we are doing because we are all trained personnel with regard to treating animals and ensuring their safety during cleaning.

If you order the tanks and the fish from us, you can get flexible bundles from us. You can get additional freebies and discounts from us. We can also hook you up with other stuff that tourists and locals are fully aware of like Amsterdam canal tours, boat rental in Amsterdam, or Amsterdam City pass.

Events and exhibitions

Do you want us to design your events? Make your venues stunning through our exotic animals and unique style of aquariums. We can make customized tables to accommodate your requested designs. From small aquariums to big portable styles, we can help make your special event a success.

We are also advocates of educating the public with regard to marine life and habitat. We like to impart knowledge to animal lovers about the proper care and maintenance of their pets. This is why Fresh Water Stingray conducts quarterly exhibits and shows for people. We can never justify any wrong deed by not knowing about it. Because we chose to purchase animals, it is our responsibility to seek the information to care for them and give them the right maintenance. Fresh Water Stingray ensures that you will enjoy our events as well as be knowledgeable on every subject matter.